Times of India prints with new plow folds.

​To strengthen its position in the Indian advertising market, the Times of India decided to take advantage of the plow fold upgrade once again in 2011. The newspaper publisher had already made its first plow fold purchase in 2007.
Soon after, it purchased a second unit, and had three additional plow folds installed in 2011.


The plow fold enables full width printing of a motif across the entire web (4 pages) of COLORMAN or GEOMAN presses. The outer pages are then folded into the newspaper, which runs through the folder as usual. For readers, the “Wow!” effect comes as they page through the newspaper and find an advertisement, for example for a car, which they can gradually unfold to see its full width. Advertising experts at the Times of India are fully committed to this idea, and prompted this latest order. Advertising in India is booming with the growth of the country’s economy. The Times of India intends to benefit from this trend by offering eye-catching formats to its advertising customers.

The installation had to be completed by the service team within just twelve weeks. “We had to work together closely as a team and even use unconventional methods to get the equipment running by September before the main festival season in India,” states Dirk Schmidtbleicher, Vice President of pressupdate and service contracts at manroland web systems.