PECOM-X automation solutions

With its software and hardware, PECOM-X influences all production steps and ensures efficient print production and postpress.

Automatic plate change with APL and APL logistics

AutomaticPlateLoading (APL) and APL logistics are base modules for highly automated systems. They automate the plate change and plate transport into the press and thus the job changes for newspaper products.

Reel and material logistics with AUROSYS

AUROSYS handles the entire materials logistics, from fully automatic paper reel unloading to completely automated preparation for printing. Thanks to its modular design, AUROSYS always offers an optimum cost-benefit ratio and can be subsequently expanded. It can even be integrated into existing logistics systems and manroland’s workflow management system.

Job changeover with DynaChange and AutoJobChange

DynaChange, the superior, elegant solution for flying job changes, switches imprints automatically on both sides at high speeds. The web is guided through the printing units without contact or diversions. This sidesteps maintenance costs for web lead elements and reduces the risk of web breaks.


With this module, the system detects an impending job change and initiates required actions after the run target has been met. Just another factor that makes for minimal waste and shorter makeready times.

Your advantages

  • Central operation from the ControlCenter
  • Just-in-time delivery of printing plates and reels
  • Automatic plate change with APL and APL logistics
  • 24/7 assistance via the TeleSupportCenter
  • futureproof: modular design for retrofitting and upgrades