Process optimization

PressMonitor is the comprehensive production monitoring and analysis system for printing companies. Automated recording of key production figures and regular reports give users a comprehensive overview of the current production process status.

The system compares actual and target data to quickly detect deviations. This helps printing companies to boost production efficiency as well as their revenues. Data evaluation creates transparency across the entire production chain and forms the basis for optimizing processes, decision-making, and benchmarking. The evaluations and analyses are tailored to the pressroom. The systematic control of consumption values helps to cut costs. Delivery schedules and quality control can be monitored in a closed loop. With a glance at a smartphone or tablet PC, users can find out the current production process status as well as what is happening in the pressroom at any time.


PressMonitor consists of the following components:

PrepressMonitor: plate production progress

PressReport: key figures and production progress

PressStatistic: key figure analysis for process optimization

PressState: current production system data, e.g. waste, speed, quantity produced, estimated end of production

PressStateMobile: current production process on your smartphone or tablet

PressQuality: evaluation of the Inline Control systems for documentation and quality assurance purposes

PostpressMonitor: data from finishing and distribution

PaperMonitor: monitors the reel throughout the production