Operator convenience

The operating system with ControlCenter and new features on the MobilPad and SlidePad provides a clear overview of newspaper production.


The press operator can control all aggregates from the central control. The multi-touchscreen “ControlPad” visualizes all integrated components and displays their current status. Corrections to the settings can be carried out directly on the touchscreen.


With the MobilPad, operators can take the control console to the location of the press. There, they can monitor or change local settings and confirm them directly on site. The MobilPad features a new, smaller and lighter hardware base, and in addition you can access the manroland STORE from the device. The online service portal flexibly supplies the printing company with wear and spare parts as needed, which the press operator can select immediately from the press. This browser-based solution offers exceptional data security. Planning and monitoring information can also be accessed on the MobilPad.


Ink key positioning with SlidePad offers more convenient measurement results and handling than earlier ink zone keyboards. It is now the same width as the page, and the operator can adjust, measure and subsequently alter the ink zones, dampening solutions, register, and fountain rollers for the entire newspaper page. In addition, the SlidePad is tiltable and can be adjusted to the operator thanks to its variable position, enabling easy operation for persons of different heights.

PressProof TC

Color-compliant Softproof focuses on user-friendly operation and optimal color representation for large-format proofs. Suitable for very large formats, the system can be retrofitted and is available in different configurations corresponding to the technical requirements. It offers automatic software-aided control sample conditions and proof navigation control. As a basis for calculations, the system considers the brightness of the proofing monitor and automatically adjusts the brightness of the standardized lighting system integrated in the control console.

Your advantages

  • Operating concept with touchscreen technology
  • All press information available at a glance
  • MobilPad to control components independent of location
  • Actuate ink zones and registers via gestures and group selection