For heatset starters in double circumference.

The highly versatile EUROMAN gives double-circumference commercial printers a solid start in heatset production. The 32 or 48-page printing system, a favorite in growing markets, offers flexible printing of advertising supplements, brochures, directories, magazines, and catalogs.

Flexible number of pages:

The EUROMAN can produce both 32 and 16-page or 48 and 24-page products. manroland web systems offers best-in-class solutions for all integrated OEM brands.

Short makeready times:

The automated plate change PPL® reduces press downtimes and increases performance.

Printing quality:

Inline Control Systems support excellence in print. Precise registers, optimum color fidelity, and perfect folds ensure consistent quality, which saves time and resources.

Production reliability:

For the film inking unit with eleven rollers and direct-damping film dampening unit with four rollers provide reliable printing quality thanks to uniform ink feeding and damping. This ensures simplified handling during washing and adjustment processes, as well as excellent compatibility with a variety of consumables during printing.

Automated folder:

The motorized adjustable former with presetting options as well as integrated longitudinal perforation and cross perforation provides high-quality folds.

Technical Data

  • Number of pages: 32/48
  • Max. revolutions/hour: 37,500
  • Cylinder circumference (mm): 1,092 – 1,260
  • Max. web width (mm): 965/1,300
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): PECOM-X, up to six printing units, InlineDensity Control

Your advantages

  • Flexible printing of advertising supplements
  • Reduces press downtimes and increases performance
  • Optimum color fidelity
  • High-quality folds