The efficient 16-page icon.

The ROTOMAN HiPrint shines with its excellent price/performance ratio. The 16-page printing system was developed for all-round printers in dynamic markets as a cost-effective solution for printing magazines and supplements.


The ROTOMAN HiPrint combines high performance with robust design. Its proven printing couple is equipped with automation options such as automatic plate change PPL® or blanket washing for rapid production changeovers and less maintenance.

Print performance:

Inline Control systems, bearer rings, and the proven manroland film inking unit with temperature control ensure the consistent, premium quality required by high gloss magazines.


The ROTOMAN printing couple uses inexpensive, durable blankets that are fast and easy to exchange.

Perfect fold:

The PFC-131 folder with a multiple motor drive and an optional second cross fold provides absolute precision and a service-friendly design.

Technical Data

  • Number of pages: 16
  • Max. revolutions/hour: 55,000
  • Cylinder circumference (mm): 546 – 630
  • Max. web width (mm): 965
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): PECOM-X, InlineDensity Control, sheeter

 Your advantages

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Combines high performance with robust design
  • Rapid production changeovers
  • Less maintenance
  • Consistent, premium quality