Pump up your volume.

For magazine and catalog printers, the ROTOMAN S is an attractive choice for the production of high-volume jobs with a limited number of pages. At a speed of 90,000 cylinder revolutions per hour, combination folders and pinless former folders deliver an effortless performance.

High volumes:

The ROTOMAN S offers ideal conditions for the high-volume sector. With 24 or 32 pages, the press produces in long grain format with only two pages in the plate cylinder circumference. The 32-page ROTOMAN S is the only press of its class to have blanket cylinders with a double circumference.

Consistent printing quality:

Sleeves replace conventional blankets to provide optimum smoothness at any speed. Combined with the gapless blanket cylinder and plate cylinder with a narrow lock-up slot, the result is a very small print free area.

Perfect fold:

Pinless former folders and combination folders provide perfect folds, even at maximum production speeds.

Flexible production:

Thanks to an optimum paper grain direction, the long grain format is ideal for processing glued A4 products, as well as for products generated via quarter fold. The double parallel fold option allows for the greatest diversity of products.

Technical Data

  • Number of pages: 24/32
  • Max. revolutions/hour: 90,000
  • Cylinder circumference (mm): 546 – 630/546 – 620
  • Max. web width (mm): 1,460/1,830
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): PECOM-X webbing-up device, InlineDensity Control, diverse configurations (single-web or two-web)

Your advantages

  • Blanket cylinders with a double circumference
  • Very small print free area
  • Perfect folds
  • Greatest diversity of products