FormerLine – flexible digital print finishing solution for book production

manroland web systems has developed special reel-to-book block solutions for the digital book production. After the web is printed, it is guided over the variable FormerLine and several longitudinal folds into the variable cutting unit for the cross cut. From here, the individual signatures move to the VBC Collator where they are stacked, glued and pressed into book blocks.

Shortest makeready times

Minimizing makeready times is a decisive factor for profitability in industrial-scale print production. Therefore, already in the planning phase, the folding systems FormerLine and FoldLine from manroland web systems were designed for short makeready times. Adjusting the former for a format change takes at the most three minutes, and in only five minutes another paper quality can be processed. The FormerLine system was developed for digital book production on an industrial scale.

Your folding options:

Table FormerLine (Click to enlarge)

Technical Data

Application flexibility

  • Auxiliary glued book-blocks
  • Flyer, mailings
  • Booklets (longitudinal glued)

Folding options

  • Zigzag fold, wrap fold, gate fold, parallel fold


  • 45 – 150 gsm
  • Minimum page format: 90 x 145 mm
  • Maximum page format: 250 x 420 mm
  • Book block thickness: 3 – 80 mm

Production speed

  • 150 m/min (2.5 m/s) up to 300 m/min (5 m/s)

Web width

  • 20” – 30” – 42”


  • Digital printer integrated in manroland web systems FormerLine
  • Digital splicer/unwinder integrated in manroland web systems FormerLine

Your advantages

  • Industrial design by manroland engineering based on web offset modules
  • Outstanding productivity
  • High reliability and low production tolerances
  • Best-of-class variable cut sheet separation within belt sections
  • Dynamic change of pagination and book structure without standstill “on the fly”
  • Dynamic change of cut-off length for all folding options
  • Fully JDF/JMF-controlled device for setup time down to 3 min with format change
  • Variable Broadsheet sections for individual newspapers
  • Variable book signatures page numbers with flexible former positioning (FormerLine)
  • Additional features available FormerLine: booklet finishing with RIMA stacker or manroland web systems Collator VBC with integrated gluing system