APL: plate change at the touch of a button.

The COLORMAN in 4-2 cylinder design leaves nothing to be desired, and it adapts perfectly to individual conditions. If you require fully-automated newspaper production, the COLORMAN provides the ideal platform.

Maximum registger precision:

For a tailor-made configuration, the COLORMAN offers printing couples in a 9-cylinder satellite design.


With individual web widths, web width variability, and web lead variants, the COLORMAN offers the ideal solution for any job. From its double and triplewidth folder superstructures to its two former levels, modular turning units, and plow folds, the COLORMAN’s versatility knows no limits.


The printing system can be upgraded to numerous automation features for production at the touch of a button. APL and APL logistics for substantial reductions in makeready processes, as well as the Inline Control Systems in production runs, are just some examples from the automation toolbox.

Hybrid printing quality:

High-quality hybrid products offer greater product versatility in newspaper production. In addition to UV equipment, other highlights include finishing techniques such as inkjet, plow folds, a card gluer, and perforation.


Solutions for the entire process from the editing phase to the reader.

Technical Data

  • For COLORMAN press series: 4-2
  • Broadsheet pages per web: 16
  • Max. copies/hour: 100,000
  • Max. web width (mm): 1,700, circumference (mm): 1,156
  • Folder: PFN-25
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): APL; plate lift; quarter fold

 Your advantages

  • Fully-automated newspaper production
  • Individual web widths
  • Reductions in make-ready processes
  • High-quality hybrid products
  • Greater product versatility in newspaper production