The best-in-class premium printing system.

The premium printing system for long production runs. With up to 100,000 copies/h it is the fastest newspaper press in its class, offering best print quality and best-in-class automation.

We call it futureproof. For the first time, a newspaper printing system offers options for gradual modular upgrades and retrofits that ensure a positive outlook for your business model. The COLORMAN e:line is available in optional performance classes. In combination with different equipment packages, it can flexibly be configured according to the desired application area.

The Automation Packages:

manroland web systems offers a customized degree of automation that can be retrofitted for greater run length flexibility, better planning efficiency, and less waste. Fully equipped systems feature automated paper logistics, plate transport and changes, modifications to press presettings, and production run quality control.

The Commercial Package:

This option is available for the production of magazine-like products. It includes a commercial inking unit, integrated control systems and heatset or UV drying as options.

Easy operation:

This groundbreaking operating concept transforms the operator into a pilot who monitors all production processes from a central touchscreen. The clear layout of the autoprint menu gives the operator perfect control over his own commands as well as the press status. Additional features, such as the Inline Control Systems, improve the operation comfort even more.

The COLORMAN e:line at Mediengeruppe Oberfranken

Technical Data

  • For COLORMAN press series: 4-1/4-2/6-2
  • Broadsheet pages per web: 8/16/24
  • Max. copies/hour: 110,000
  • Max. web width (mm): 1,900 , circumference (mm): 900 – 1,197
  • Folder: PFN-23, PFN-25
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): APL; Heatset; quarter fold

Your advantages

  • The fastest newspaper press in its class
  • Best print quality
  • Best-in-class automation
  • Gradual modular upgrades and retrofits
  • Groundbreaking operating concept