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The COLORMAN XXL: thrifty, fast, productive. Your benefits: top-quality printed material and equipment that is ready to take on fully-automated newspaper production. The six-plate-wide COLORMAN XXL is available in a 9-cylinder satellite design.

High-performance production:

24 pages per web with up to 100,000 copies per hour.


The 6-2 design can be configured flexibly to ensure highly efficient production of any portfolio.


Double and triple-width folder superstructures, three former levels, and modular turner bar units cover even the most demanding production requirements.


Modern system concepts and reduced makeready processes translate to less waste, faster makeready times, consistent production run quality, and lower personnel costs. The automation comes to life with groundbreaking developments such as APL and APL logistics, as well as the Inline Control Systems. The latter include the patented, fully-automated InlineDampening Control and the new InlineDensity Control.

Technical Data

  • For COLORMAN press series: 6-2
  • Broadsheet pages per web: 24
  • Max. copies/h: 90,000
  • Max. web width (mm): 2,100, circumference (mm): 1,156
  • Folder: PFN-25
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): APL; IROLOC; UV; quarter fold

Your advantages

  • Thrifty, fast, productive
  • Fully-automated newspaper production
  • Reduced make-ready processes
  • Consistent production run quality