Quality cuts costs, copy by copy.

The GEOMAN is a compact 4-2 press. It is the embodiment of a high-efficiency press system for cost-conscious printing companies that strive for an optimum cost per copy while minimizing overall investments.


With its high-performance printing couples, the GEOMAN stands for excellent production quality and reliability with low lifecycle costs. The GEOMAN’s high efficiency makes it an excellent choice for large print runs including multiple colored pages.


With variable web widths and extensive web lead variants, the GEOMAN provides the ideal solution for any job. From its double and triple-width folder superstructures to its three former levels and modular turner bar units, the GEOMAN’s versatility knows no limits.

H printing untits:

The low height of these components reduces building costs for new constructions or conversions. As always, manroland web systems is able to offer a multitude of press configurations with the speed and reliability its customers have come to expect. Additional options for heatset production, such as a third ink form roller with a third distributor roller, support creative production concepts.

High profitability:

Automation and workflow options (PPL®, Inline Control Systems) ensure high production run speeds, rapid changeovers, and minimal waste.

Technical Data

  • Broadsheet pages per web: 16
  • Max. copies/hour: 90,000
  • Max. web width (mm): 1,640, circumference (mm): 1,260
  • Folder: PFN-23
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): quarter fold; heatset/UV equipment; inkjet

Your advantages

  • High-efficiency press system
  • Excellent production quality
  • Low lifecycle costs
  • High production run speeds
  • Rapid chanceovers