The REGIOMAN: good for your profitability.

The REGIOMAN is the leading printing system in the upper 4-1 market segment. With eight pages in a single circumference and double-size blanket cylinders in blanket-to-blanket design, it stands for flexible and efficient high-quality production.

Twice the speed:

The REGIOMAN offers twice the press speed of a 2-2 press with the same number of printing towers and the same output.

Product variety:

The REGIOMAN’s flexible cylinder concept permits an even or uneven number of sections in the product, with a varying number of section pages. Versatile web leads, heatset equipment, variable web widths, and proven folding systems offer a wide variety of processing options.


The system offers extra benefits for customers who want to print non-collect newspapers with a 2-page jump (in broadsheet) and multiple sections. Non-collect runs require 50 % less printing plates than the 4-2 press.

High profitability:

Automation and workflow options (PPL®, Inline Control Systems) ensure high production run speeds, fast changeovers, and minimal waste.

Technical Data

  • Broadsheet pages per web: 8
  • Max. copies/hour: 75,000
  • Max. web width (mm): 1,700, circumference (mm): 578
  • Folder: PFN-23
  • Optional additional equipment (examples): quarter fold; heatset equipment; inkjet

Your advantages

  • Flexible and efficient high-quality production
  • Twice the press speed
  • Product variety
  • High production run speeds
  • Fast changeovers
  • Minimal waste