The book and offset printing and publishing house Vorländer produces their daily Siegener Zeitung on the worldwide first GEOMAN e:line from manroland web systems

In keeping with the company motto: „Tradition meets Innovation“, the 1823 founded Vorländer publishing house decided to modernize its printing facility in Dreis-Tiefenbach, Germany with the new newspaper press GEOMAN e:line that has been introduced at drupa 2016.
The Vorländer GmbH & Co. KG is a successful, family-owned publishing company with a broad range of media services – from a creative advertisement agency via high-class commercial printing up to online marketing offerings. The decision for the investment in a highly automated GEOMAN e:line is a clear statement for the future of the printed newspaper.

GEOMAN e:line: symbiosis of efficiency, quality and productivity
The new press series GEOMAN e:line has been developed with a focus on efficiency due to modular automation packages and high quality during the production run. It produces with a speed of 45,000 cyl.r/h and therewith is the optimal solution for the production demands of medium-sized newspaper printers. Another characteristics of the GEOMAN e:line is a moderate investment volume at low life-cycle costs.

The GEOMAN e:line that has been ordered by Vorländer consists of two four-high towers, a jaw folder PFN-25 and two manroland web systems reel splicers RSN 15. Furthermore, the manroland web systems PECOM-X Inline Control Systems for ink density (IDCµ), color register (IRC), cut-off register (ICC) and inline fan-out guarantee an ideal printing quality and low waste. Integrated gluing heads and a stitcher ensure the high production flexibility of the press. The production process will be monitored and controlled from the PECOM-X Control Center – the most innvovative control desk in the market with intuitive touch screens for operating. Another important aspect for the decision was that the press can be retrofitted at any time with further automation options like e.g. a fully automatic plate change, further folding possibilities for increasing the production flexibility as well as an integration of a digital printing solution for producing hybrid products. These options help to make the investment futureproof – even in case of a changing market environment.

Groundbreaking decision
For publisher Wolfgang Rothmaler, the decision for a manroland web systems GEOMAN e:line is groundbreaking for the future of his company: „We were convinced by the efficient potential of the innovative GEOMAN e:line and consider a long-term cooperation with the world market leader in web offset printing as the ideal condition for constantly increasing the success of printing our newspaper.“ For Josef Aumiller, Regional Sales Manager at manroland web systems, the investment decision of Vorländer underlines the company’s strategy for newspaper printing: „With the GEOMAN e:line we have optimally completed our product range and we will be able to continue the success story of the e:line family. Of course, we are very proud that Vorländer Verlag is the first reference customer for the GEOMAN e:line.”
The press will start its production in spring 2018 at the printing facility in Dreis-Tiefenbach.

The GEOMAN e:line, the new efficiency miracle in the manroland web systems newspaper press portfolio |© manroland web systems

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