The MainPad

is the new mobile service and maintenance tablet from manroland web systems. The product has arisen from the Maintellisense strategy. The MainPad delivers a reduction of downtime in case of damage and an increase in comfort when it comes to maintenance and repair of the system.

The MainPad – Hub for all relevant information
It is the aim of Maintellisense to make the intelligent press available in the near future. A central hub for all relevant information is necessary on this journey. This function is fulfilled by the mobile maintenance tablet MainPad.

How can the time between the occurrence of a malfunction and the correction of the fault on a complex system be reduced? The MainPad offers numerous features in this regard. Reading and acknowledging of all alarm messages at the location of the malfunction, a direct access to all necessary documentation and drawings, a direct and fast connection to the TeleSupportCenter (TSC) via “Remote Support Calls” and a direct communication with the TSC by Video as well as a rapid transfer of documents between the technicians on site and the TSC. An all this directly at the press; so exactly where the malfunction occurred.

It is easy to define the concrete customer benefit: The MainPad ensures an improvement in communication through the central provision of all relevant information and functions of maintenance, which leads to a significant reduction in efforts expended and an increase in operating comfort. The MainPad is a further important step in the direction of reducing costs and increasing availability.

The MainPad is part of the future oriented project Maintellisense. The project name is taken from the terms Maintenance, Intelligence and Sense; the reality is to intelligently link these terms and provide the intelligent machine and predictive maintenance in the future.

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The MainPad – Hub for all relevant information.