VARIOMAN f:line – offset makes the difference

What customer benefits does the new technology bring? manroland web systems has based the VARIOMAN f:line on its decades of experience in offset printing and has connected this with the most modern automation. We have created a technology, which specifically avoids the weak points inherent in other processes: the mixture of offset and gravure here, provides particularly short makeready and changeover times with reduced start-up waste rates, achieved through high levels of automation and format flexibility. manroland web systems’ VARIOMAN f:line is ideal for printing flexible films for Shrink-Sleeve applications as well as for a further array of substrates, like films, paper and aluminium foils. The VARIOMAN f:line hereby fits perfectly in the production gap of medium sized print runs with excellent offset printing technology and the cost benefits inherent in this technology.

Cost-conscious technology:

The offset technology reproduces high printing quality at a significantly better cost-per-copy, compared to flexo-, digital- or gravure printing. Compared to latter, the production costs can be decreased by 25 % – depending on the job structure. What is mainly responsible for this is the usage of offset printing plates instead of gravure cylinders and a significantly faster job change. The special offset printing units have been developed with the cooperation partner Goebel GmbH.

High quality printing:

When combined with Corona web conditioning, electron beam- or UV-hardening and gravure units with dryers, different films can be printed in high quality and variability.

Highest flexibility:

The printing unit is format variable thanks to the proven sleeve technology. The production can be changed to another usage within a short time frame.


The VARIOMAN can be optimally equipped with offset-, flexo- or gravure units and comes as a hybrid press that fits every application demand.


Due to an ideal networking of processes and systems, the VARIOMAN ensures a quick turnaround and saves costs from the draft up to printing.

The VARIOMAN f:line – a new dimension in packaging printing

Technical Data

  • Web width: 425-850 mm, 560-1120 mm, 625-1250 mm (*)
  • Speed up to 400 m/min. depending on substrate and equipment
  • Cylinder circumference variable due to sleeves: from 18“ up to 36“ (457-914 mm)
  • Substrates: Films and paper from 10 to 300 μm

(* Preferred dimensions, other sizes on demand)

Your advantages

  • Lower production costs due to offset technology
  • Format variable printing unit thanks to the sleeve technology
  • Different films can be printed in high quality and variability
  • The equipment of the VARIOMAN fits the particular packaging design
  • Competitive advantage due to the networked system